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Published in 2011, part of my Graduate Diploma in Architecture, this thesis will attempt to study the potential effects of climate change in the UK.

Year: 2050, the effects of climate change leave us with less land; both urban and agricultural. This project takes on mass car storage and algae cultivation for bio-fuels whilst providing humanity with year round fruit and veg.

To solve the storage problem of these cars after the present car park will be flooded, car companies willing to exporting cars to the UK will fund the proposal which will only use 4% of the original land needed.

In the future, agricultural land will be too valuable. Drum like hydroponic farms which produce 5x the yield of field grown crop and only use 1/10th of the space required are used.

In 2050 the majority of transportation vehicles will be either powered by bio-fuels or electricity. Within the proposal lie opportunities to grow and farm these necessary bio-fuels using methods which have become more popular over the last decade; algae farming. With algae producing such high output yields, this proposal could provide the necessary fuel for half of Kent every year.


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